Dealing with health insurance after a wreck

Medical expenses

If you have health insurance, use it. Not every lawyer agrees with this advice, but here's why I say this. First, it is certain payment. No matter what happens with the car wreck dispute, your bills will be taken care of. Second, it will likely save you money in the long run. Even if your health insurance wants their money back when the case resolves, and they will, you have negotiating power. If you have PIP (personal injury protection) on your own auto policy, they should pay you directly - not the doctor or chiropractor. Some health care providers will not want to accept your health insurance if your injuries come from a car wreck. They will ask you to assign your PIP payments to them instead. Don't do it. If they insist, find another provider. The reason some doctors, clinics and chiropractors ask for the PIP instead of the health insurance is that they can charge more. It is to their benefit, not yours. PIP must pay you directly unless you give a provider a written assignment. It is fine to assign your health insurance benefits, just don't assign your PIP.

Which doctor should you use? Some lawyers will send their clients to particular doctors. We do not do this for two reasons. First, we are not doctors. We have not been to medical school. Your decision on health care providers is personal. Go to the ones you have confidence in. Second, it looks bad in court. Juries don't trust doctors that lawyers refer to. I know others have different opinions on this, but ask yourself who you would believe. The family doctor or the doctor a lawyer picked for their client?